Saivite Tamil Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing guidance and on-site workshops on the basic concepts of Saivism, as well as spiritual counseling to the Sri Lankan Tamils of North America


To educate children, young adults and elderly about Saivism and its beliefs by:

  • Conducting religious discussions and meetings.
  • Explaining spiritual rituals and practices of the Sri Lankan Saivite culture.
  • Publishing booklets and study guides for children
  • Conducting religious classes, retreats and “Summer camps” for children
  • Providing counseling and guidance to youth

To reach out to the elderly by providing spiritual and moral support by:

  • Visiting them in their homes, health care facilities and hospitals.
  • Arranging religious gatherings for the elderly in their homes and Community Centers.
  • Arranging pilgrimages for the elderly.

To reach out to those in need, providing comfort, guidance and spiritual healing.

  • Providing comfort and guidance for life altering situations to people in need
  • Visiting hospitals and nursing homes
  • Visiting orphanages, homes and schools for people with disabilities.