Youth Wing

Youth Wing

Mission Statement:

Youth club dedicated to teaching religion and to provide guidance on cultural and moral values to build self-esteem and confidence and, to preserve the Sri Lankan Hindu heritage.


  • To create an environment to motivate the kids to learn:
    • Religious practices, stories and devotional songs
    • Moral values
  • To celebrate religious festivals for kids
  • To organize or participate in community service.


Navarathiri Celebration

Community Services

 Navarathiri Celebration

Guidance by Mrs. Karthiga Skanthakumar

 Navarathri means nine Holy nights which are dedicated to the worship of Mother Goddess Sakthi as ‘Thurgai’ (bravery), ‘Lakshmi’ (wealth) and ‘Saraswathy’ (education). These are the benefits for blissful life. During the festival a number of toys are decorated and arranged beautifully on a “Kolu”.

The climax of the festival is Saraswathi puja, which is celebrated on a grand scale, especially in schools, temples and homes. Following the Puja homemade prasadam are shared among the participants and the festival culminating with children singing, dancing and playing instruments such as veena, violin etc.

The tenth day is very auspicious and it is called Vijayathasami, since this day falls on the lunar day Thasami:

  • Small children are introduced to their first alphabet.
  • Devotees initiate new ventures.

Our young children will gather on or around the ninth day to participate in the Navarathri festival.

Community Services

Tutelage by Rishi Thondunathan

 Children are encouraged to do community services to develop civic responsibilities, team   building and organization skills.

 2010 to Present

Children Challenge Fund:

Krithika Jeyendran initiated a project during Pancha Ganapathi festival a season of rejoicing and for thanking the almighty for the blessing we enjoy, by challenging our children to start raising funds by offering to do chores at home that are usually done by their parents such cleaning, helping with laundry and running errands etc. From 2012 two volunteer children are identified and given the task to initiate the project a month prior to Pancha Ganapathi festival (December 21st). These funds are to deliver care packages to hospitalized children and young adults at Jaffna hospital.

Sivaayan Sivaparan, Shweta Manoharan and Nimalan Sivarajah

Krithika Jeyendran

Sivaayan Sivaparan and Diviya Sivakadachan

Ramiya Jeyakumar and Praveen Sahadewan

Sanjay Sridar and Aerahan Skanthakumar

Educational Project:

Nimalan Sivarajan initiated a Volley Ball tournament held as a charity fundraiser to build a school library in war affected area in Sri Lanka

Teddies for Hope Project

Nimalan Sivarajan initiated a Volley Ball tournament held as a charity fundraiser to make stuffed teddy bears by our fellow Tamil brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka which will provide teddies to hospitalized children, but we will also be economically empowering our people as well.

Conservation Project

Shweta Manoharan along with her group initiated this project to collect empty soda cans for recycling and any funds generated to be donated to needy causes in Northern Province of Sri Lanka

Coloring Book Project

Varsha Jayasundar and Varshane Ketheeswran along with their group initiated this project to develop a coloring book which will be printed in Jaffna. This coloring book will be distributed to hospitalized children to keep them active and to alleviate the boredom. 

Helpful Hats Project

Ramiya Jeyakumar and Diviya Sivakadachan along with their group initiated this project to collect used winter hats, wash and clean them to be distributed to families with less means living in tea estates (colder climates).

Educational Project
Ramiya Jeyakumar and Praveen Sahadewan have volunteered to spearhead this undertaking to raise funds yearly to provide school supplies to needy children living in Mullaitivu School district.
One project “Pennies for Pencils” has been successfully initiated this summer by Vishali Sutharsan and will be continued as long as the need persists.