Five Basic Practices for Saivites

Five Basic Practices for Saivites.

The five consistent duties are the, ‚ÄúPancha Nitya karmas” to guide our daily and yearly religious life.
These five obligatory religious practices are simple and applicable for all Saivites


Proper conduct for a Saivite is living a life of duty and good conduct. We learn to be selfless by thinking of others first,
being respectful to parents, elders and gurus, following divine laws as set in the Thiru Kural, especially – mental,
emotional and physical non-injury toward all beings (ahimsa.) Thus we resolve karmas.


A Saivite’s personal worship includes daily worship in the home shrine, sadhana, devotional singing, yoga asanas,
dhyana and scriptural study. We become secure through devotion in our home and the temple, bringing forth love
and blessings of the God and preparing our mind for serene meditation.


The observance of Saivite festivals in the home and temple, including guru puja days, brings deep communion with
God during highly spiritual times of the year. This includes fasting and attending the temple on Fridays, the Hindu holy day.


At least once each year every Saivite must make a pilgrimage to a holy place, whether near or far. This is a time
when all worldly matters are set aside and God becomes the central and singular focus of life.


Sacraments are special ceremonies which marks every Saivite’s passages in life and sanctifies these experiences.
They include the rites of birth, first feeding, learning, marriage and death.