Twelve Beliefs of Saivites

The Twelve Beliefs Of Saivite Hindus

  1. Only one all-Pervasive Supreme God
  2. Existence of unseen spiritual worlds
  3. Holy Scriptures is the ancient Vedas and Agamas
  4. Existence of the soul (atma)
  5. In the law of karma
  6. Reincarnation
  7. Need for the personal experience of God
  8. In the inherent spiritual laws to govern the spiritual and physical universe (dharma)
  9. In repeating cycles of creation, preservation and dissolution (yugas)
  10. In non-violence in thought, word and deed as a cardinal virtue of life (ahimsa)
  11. In the need for a guru to guide
  12. In the acceptance of other genuine religions and spiritual persuasions